The Connection's annual budget of about $293,000 and is funded through a variety sources:

The Nebraska Homeless Assistance Program has been granting around $75,000.00 for the past several years. This funding comes in part from a small tax on real estate transactions in the state and in part from federal Emergency Solutions Grant Program funds, administered by NHAP. Funds are applied for on an annual basis and are subject to the number of applications, the effectiveness of our programs and the amount of funding available.

The Thrift Connection Thrift Store and The Construction Connection Thrift Store are major contributors to our operating budget.  Both stores sell gently used items donated by the generous supporters from a radius of 60 miles or more. The store is run by volunteers and honors vouchers from The Connection, the Rape and Domestic Abuse Program and the Red Cross.  The Thrift Connection sells clothes, shoes, books, housewares, furnishings, knick knacks and seasonal items. The "Construction Connection" which is a thrift store for building materials and sells tools, flooring, shingles, lumber, lighting, sinks, doors, cabinets, paint, hardware, appliances and more! We are expanding to sell FURNITURE too since this is the most sought after purchase from both stores. This is a great way to save money on a project you are working on, or donate your still usable building materials and keep the use of your garage!  Stop by and check out both of our stores, they are in easy walking distance of each other, the Thrift Connection at 501 E 5th and the Construction Connection at 422 E 6th!  Every day you will find something new or different.  All donations are tax deductible also and should you not be able to get your donation to us, we will pick it up for you.  All you have to do is call 532-5050 to make arrangements.

The Connection receives Grant money from The West Central Health Department by way of Families First Partnership to help fund the Family Educator Case manager that works just with our 5 families.

Every year The Connection sponsors a  Fundraising Event. There has been the Hoggy Doggy Splash, International Night, Box Out during National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week and the most recent North Platte Has Talent!

The Connection is proud to be a Mid Plains United Way agency, we have been a Grant recipient for 12 years now. Contributions depend on UW's success in their campaign each fall, the number of agencies applying for funding, and the UW Board's assessment of our programs.  The Connection earmarks United Way dollars to help pay for the Case managers salary and for direct services for clients:  purchasing prescriptions, bus passes, hair cuts and birth certificates/identification.

Did you know that residents of The Connection pay $7.00/day to stay, if they are paid up in full, when they go to leave, they can apply to get half back that will go to their new landlord or for utility hook up costs.  This savings plan of $3.50 a day helps them to move out in a shorter time frame. Client program fees and laundry costs contribute $30,000.00 to our Budget.

The remainder of our operational funding typically comes from individuals, businesses and churches along with  Bequests from a Will prepared in advance by the now  deceased.